Modern edibles don’t stop at baked goods. With the right ingredients and recipes, the possibilities for cooking infused cuisine are endless. 3 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Delta 8 Chips: When the inevitable snack time munchies hits, you need something with a pure cannabis buzz that can really satisfy your cravings. In this article we will have a look at the hemp extract delta 8 thc and how you can actually use this compound to create delicious nacho treats for the best adult snack you have ever tried.

What is Delta 8?

A naturally occurring cannabinoid, Delta 8, is found in variable traces in the cannabis and hemp plant. It is commonly associated with its parent compound Delta 9, however the evident difference between the cannabinoids being their effect and ability to cause psychoactive effects. Even though it is very similar to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , its intensity is believed to be much lower than delta 9. Users report less intense and more relaxed psychoactive effects.

How To Make Delta 8 Chips

Step 1: Infused Butter

Cannabis butter, or cannabutter, is the essential ingredient that makes up cannabis infused edibles. Most high quality edibles use cannabutter to produce the euphoric or ‘high’ feeling that we associate with cannabis. This has become increasingly popular as you can get the same effects, sometimes even more potent, without having to actually smoke the delta 8 plant. Cannabutter has a whole world of possibilities and doesn’t limit your delta 8 edibles to baked goods. Doing research for this article, we found some crazy creative delta products, some people even went as far as making a delta 8 whey protein concentrate. Basically, anywhere you need fat or butter in a recipe, you can sub in some cannabutter.

Decarboxylate Your Cannabis


Before you can turn your delta 8 flower into cannabutter, you will need to decarboxylate the cannabis. This basically means the cannabinoids, or the THC, needs to be activated in order for the psychoactive effects to take place. This is done by exposing the delta flower to heat. This is accomplished by exposing the cannabis to heat, called decarboxylation. Once activated, you’ll be able to add it to the butter.

Grind Your Flower

After decarbing your delta 8 flower, grind or break it apart into smaller pieces. Make sure you don’t grind it too much as this might cause some bits to end up in your butter.

Melt Your Butter

Importantly, add equal amounts of butter and water in a saucepan, and fully melt your butter into one consistent substance. The water should keep your butter from burning, however always keep an eye out and stir the mixture regularly.

Infuse The Cannabis Into Your Butter

Once the butter and water is melted into one consistent substance, add your delta 8 flower to the mixture. If you are making one cup of butter, add one cup of flower to the saucepan. Let it simmer for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. 

Strain the Butter

Following a couple of hours, your butter should be properly infused with cannabis. The next step is to ensure you get all the ground flower out of it. Pour the mixture through a mesh strainer to get rid of all the chunks of flower. Just like that and you’ve got your easy to make cannabutter.

Step 2: Choose your Chip

Once you have the essential cannabutter, its time to grab a load of your favorite chips. The great thing about delta 8 chips is the fact that you can really play around with your favorite flavours. A really popular option is sweet nacho cheese, spicy nacho chips and cheddar cheese chips. Melt down your cannabutter in the microwave for about 30 seconds so you have a good liquid consistency. Portion out your preferred chips on a baking sheet with a nice and even spread. There is no clear method of dosage as this essentially comes down to personal preference. Make use of a liquid dropper and add drops of cannabutter all over your chips. Make sure the chips are wet as this is what will help infuse the thc when baking. Spread the chips out in a single layer and get ready to start baking.

Step 3: Bake Your Chips

Use a moderate heat of approximately 350 degree and start baking the chips. Remove them at regular intervals to make sure you are not burning the chips. Once the chips start to smell like the all natural herb and have a nice crunchy texture to it, you know you are ready to go!   
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