If you’re new to the cannabis industry, and you’ve searched the internet for anything info you could discover, you should be aware of the distinctions between marijuana and hemp as well as the potential health benefits of CBD. THC and CBD flower may be familiar to you as a novice, but have you heard about Delta 8 flower? Below, we’ll explain Delta 8 strains for beginners and update you on the latest.

Different Delta 8 Strains: What You Need To Know? The term “Delta 8” refers to a lesser-known cannabinoid that has recently gained popularity but is still unfamiliar to first-time users. It’s designed for users of more traditional CBD products, but with an added kick to send you flying into blissful harmony and relaxation. Got it yet? Here is a comprehensive list of Delta 8 strains.

What exactly is a Delta 8 Flower Strain?

The cannabis plant from which Delta 8 (also known as delta eight tetrahydrocannabinol or Delta 8 THC) is derived also yields CBD. It is an ingredient made from hemp that underwent isomerization during manufacturing to change its chemical structure and create a close but distinct relative of CBD. Delta 8 is an isomer of CBD, which means it contains the same molecules with the same formula but differing characteristics and physiological effects due to atom rearrangements.

In essence, it is a naturally occurring, though sparsely distributed, organic component of the cannabis plant. To speed up the production process and ensure there is enough to produce Delta 8 items, it must thus be transformed in a lab at larger quantities and rates. To make a smokeable product with the properties and advantages of Delta 8, producers combine the Delta 8 substance with dried hemp flower.


What different delta 8 strains are there?

Three kinds of CBD strain are available: hybrid, indica-dominant, and sativa-dominant. Because most CBD strains nowadays are a combination of the two, we term “hybrid” because strains typically have more of one than the other. For instance, if one strain has a higher Sativa content than another, we refer to it as “Sativa-dominant,” and its effects will most closely resemble those of a Sativa strain. Hybrids are a more evenly balanced kind of strain.

While the effects of Sativa and Indica are diametrically opposed, those of hybrids can fall anywhere between the two. Depending on personal choice, tolerance, and amount of CBD experience, each strain might have a distinct effect on a person. To find the best Delta 8 THC strain for you, you have to try each for yourself and see what you prefer!

Indica Strains

Cannabis Indica-dominant strains of hemp are derived from the Indica subspecies of hemp plants. This CBD strain has a “whole-body affect” that is more visceral than mental in nature. Higher CBD concentrations in indica-dominant strains are a factor in the strain’s calming effects.

Sativa Strains

Sativa-dominant strains are derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant and have lower CBD concentrations than other strains, which causes them to have more head-focused effects. For people who wish to be creative and productive, these strains are ideal.


Hybrid strains are CBD mixtures that target certain effects by combining elements of Sativa and Indica strains. The strain can have a variety of traits depending on the parent plants.

What is the relationship with Delta 9?

Although Delta 8 and Delta 9 are closely related isomers of CBD, Delta 9 THC is essentially much stronger and may produce an expected high. It can induce feelings of euphoria with giggles and the urge to want to snack. Users often report that it is twice as potent as CBD or Delta 8 strains. Negative cognitions like mental haze, poor motor coordination, and paranoia can also result from it.

Due to its intoxicating properties, Delta 9 is different from Delta 8 and is categorized as a marijuana product under the 2018 Farm Bill (the law that legalized CBD on a Federal level).

The best thing about delta 8 is that it strikes the ideal balance between delta 9 and cannabidiol (CBD), producing just enough therapeutic elevation to improve your wellbeing and mood.

How many Delta 8 Strains are there on the market?

Any CBD strain can be made into a Delta 8 strain. There are currently over 700 different CBD strains, thus 700 different Delta 8 strains are theoretically possible as well. There are just five exceptional strains, though, on which novel users concentrate.

Most Popular Delta 8 Strains


With the rich baked freshness of this Delta 8 strain, girl scout cookie season is here earlier than expected! Of course, you wouldn’t anticipate the scouts outside your grocery store to be selling this kind of cookie. The hemp flower used to create this Delta 8 variety is mostly indica.

Sour Diesel

The rich flower buds of premium cannabis are vaporized to produce a sour, spicy-smelling vapor in this Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain will enliven the senses with a strong blending of earthy citrus, resulting in laser focus and abundant energy. It’s a terrific way to start your day and to provide the drive you need to get going.

OG Kush

Get one of the best smoking experiences available with a renowned classic that is adored by users all over the world and a strain that combines the best qualities of both cannabis types. The hybrid strain OG Kush combines Indica and Sativa genetics with an earthy lemon-pine aroma to provide a complete head and body high that can reduce high levels of tension.


You’ll enjoy a tropical burst of mouthwatering fruity tastes that leave a tangy aftertaste on your tongue, much like the vibrant, chewy candies of the same name. The indica-dominant strain of Delta 8 will help you relax at the end of a long day without making you feel sleepy like most indica strains do, keeping you alert and upbeat.

Pineapple Express

A sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain called Pineapple Express was created by crossing two different strains. While Pineapple Express, which was released in 2008, gave rise to this strain’s popularity on the big screen, it is a legitimate strain that can be found on the shelves of dispensaries all over the country. Since then, this variety has won over the hearts and minds of cannabis enthusiasts all over the world.  Pineapple Express generates immediate, long-lasting energy benefits.


With Lifter, which emits the aroma of the great outdoors and is topped with a slice of lemon, you may float up to the freshness atop crisp pine trees. This hybrid strain’s earthy citrus scent helps to improve clarity and reduce tiredness. For novices, this Delta 8 strain is perfect.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what Delta 8 is and how it fits into the CBD universe, maybe you have a better understanding of it. Even though it is created in a lab, it is not artificial and has a more euphoric effect than regular hemp CBD.

XLR8 Delta promotes the therapeutic balance from high-quality Delta 8 THC, providing a wide range of alternatives to conventional medicine. If you want to experiment with Delta 8 strains, be ready for new doors to open up as you discover quicker ways to unwind, experience euphoria, and feel revitalized.

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