CBN Hemp Isolate Cannabinol Vape Cartridge – Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN) are two of numerous natural chemical properties called cannabinoids that arise naturally in the Cannabis sativa plant, most frequently identified as cannabis. This substance works by acting upon neurotransmitters known as cannabinoid receptors, which can be found in the human body and brain.

CBN differs from CBD and can be better explained as a weaker version of THC. When THC properties found in the cannabis plant age, they break down. This leads to the formation of CBN which is a less potent cannabinoid. Even though CBD and CBN interact on the same receptors throughout the body, they do produce very different effects.

In a recent study on rats, CBN use showed relief of fibromyalgia-related conditions such as muscle and joint pain. The study also noted that a combination of CBD and CBN may be the most effective in managing pain. A study was done in 2005 that found CBN has the potential to delay the onset of ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that attacks the cells of the brain and spinal cord. CBN has also been shown to have sedative properties and could be a potential sleeping aid.

Phytocb’s are naturally occurring compounds found in plants (Chocolate has Anandamide, H.e.m.p., Hops, and Flax has CBD, Kava has Yangonin, Black Truffles, Green tea has EGCG, Echinacea has Alkylamides, Caryophyllene from black pepper, etc).



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