Delta 8 50/50 Hybrid Lifter is beneficial for motivation, uplift, and relaxation. The body and mind are as light as air. Notes of cheese, gasoline, berry, woodsy, and pepper complete this unique flower that we offer called Lifter 95, a nasty ass bud! Be careful as you go. This is not for the faint of heart.

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Delta 8 50/50 Hybrid Lifter

With its energizing effects, Lifter is a hybrid strain that leans more toward the sativa-dominant side. It is thick and coated with frosty trichomes. Her power is undeniable since just holding the nugs will coat your hands in her gooey sweetness.

At first sight, Lifter’s nugs nearly appear to be covered with powder. Her hybrid origin is plainly seen in these sticky nugs, which blend short, stocky leaves that are typical of an indica with long, wispy leaves that are typical of sativa.

Smell: Lifter is frequently referred to as having a woodsy scent, and she keeps loyal to her heritage while also presenting sweet berry and pine scents.

Taste: Lifter has an earthy flavor that is just mildly peppery. If you are given the chance, vaping Lifter will provide considerably more flavor than burning it.

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