The marijiuana industry has seen a massive rise in popularity in recent times as we see delta 8 products of a wide variety fly off the retail shelves. As such there is no lack of options on how to, and in which form to consume your preferred method of cannabis. If you ever feel all the different names and package options confuse you as to exactly what you are buying, we are here to help.

Custom packaging material

Delta 8 cartridges and THC infused carts have revolutionised the way consumers smoke their respective delta products. These alternative devices have given consumers a simpler, faster and cleaner consumption as opposed to delta 8 cigarettes. These carts come in different custom boxes and even shapes and custom sizes, making it a real fashion accessory. A big part of the vaping appeal is the less subtle stigma attached to the vaping culture. This has made it quite a niche market and as such a very important part is the presentation and specific packaging needs. This is why many manufacturers spend a lot of money, time and effort into creating premium custom delta 8 cartridge boxes. Always bear in mind that manufacturers that are proud of their brand and the product inside, will put some effort into creating visual art in a cartridge that really catches your eye. Don’t settle for less.

The Content on The Retail Packaging

To avoid getting a sub par product, always check that your packaging contains the right informative content. The copy should consist of the name, THC contents, company’s logo, slogan, health warnings, and the mandatory FDA information. Make sure cartridges and other products are 3rd party lab tested and quality assured for purity. This means that an independent organisation has reviewed the manufacturing process and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality and standards.

Premium and Quality Materials

Apart from giving the product more appeal, the main purpose of a delta 8 cartridge box is to keep your fragile product protected. Good sturdy and rigid boxes feel good in the hand and inspire quality. Your box will not only protect the frail THC infused cartridge, but should always gain your trust and make you proud to own . Bonus points if a manufacturer specifies the materials and gives you the options such as corrugated oil boxes, kraft paper boxes or even recycled paper.

Accurate Sizes

It might seem quite simple but always try and check the dimensions of your packaging. The dimensions are directly related to the product that you order. The last thing you need is to order the wrong size cartridge.

Physical Sampling

A lot of sites and manufacturers offer free samples. This is a great incentive to not only try delta 8, but to see if it is what you desire before you end up making any purchasing decisions. Be aware of the difference between delta 8 thc and delta 9 thc as some sites may mix these up. This way sampling can be a helpful aid.


Don’t be fooled by over the top custom packaging and fancy custom delta 8 thc claims. Look out for a product that contains the right information and garners not only a good reputation, but makes you proud to be a part of the ever growing marijuana and delta culture.  
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