What exactly is Delta 8? 

Technically, delta-8 means delta-8-THC, which is the primary psychoactive ingredient found in the marijuana plant. Delta 8 powder is a variation of one of the numerous forms of delta 8. The most common form of THC usually found in cannabis plants is Delta 9 THC, which is actually very similar to delta 8 THC in its chemical structure. This similarity is shown in its effects as both of these chemicals bind to the same receptors in the brain, particularly one called cannabinoid type 1 or CBD1) receptor. This receptor is responsible for producing the effects you experience when consuming cannabis. However, research shows that delta-8 has a slightly weaker attachment to the CBD1 receptor. This might explain the reported tempered effect.

What is Delta 8 powder?

Delta 8 powder is an emulsified form of THC cannabinoid that is mostly used as a water soluble powder to be enjoyed as a favorite cold beverage for many delta users.

How is Delta 8 powder made?

Delta 8 powder is usually manufactured by spray drying a raw delta 8 oil that is derived from hemp with a USDA organic food grade emulsifier. This results in Delta 8 powder of which the source oil has removed most of the plant chlorophyll, waxes, and terpenes found in hemp oil. This will then result in a flavourless delta 8 powder perfect for beverage infusion. Another more common way of creating water soluble delta 8 THC, or delta 8 powder, is through the use of nanotechnology. This process includes the use of sound waves to separate delta 8 THC clusters into micro sized particles. When measured these nano particles make up the delta 8 powder which are extremely small and as such are more prone to not only blend, but also dissolve in water.

Why are people using it?

While most reported effects are anecdotal at best, some surveys have actually been done and shows some promising results. A 2022 online survey examined delta-8-THC consumers, including qualities of their delta-8-THC experiences, their comparisons with delta-9-THC, and any open-ended feedback they might have. According to the survey, up to 71% of the delta 8 THC users experienced a great deal of relaxation; 68% experienced feelings of euphoria and 55% feelings of pain relief. It is important to note that a moderate amount of users experienced some form of cognitive distortion such as difficulty concentrating, difficulties with short term memory, and alerted sense of time. Participants generally compared delta-8 THC favourably with both delta 9 THC and other prescription medications, with 57% of survey participants claiming a substitution for delta 9 THC and 59% for substitution with conventional prescription medications. Participant concerns regarding delta 8 THC was mostly a focus of continued legality and access. The only limitations of this survey being self-reported data from a self-selected convenience sample. To date no study or survey has been done on delta 8 powder specifically.

What does water soluble delta 8 THC mean?

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are hydrophobic, meaning they don’t usually respond well to water due to their oil soluble nature. It is actually easy to understand as we all know oil and water do not like to mix. This is the reason why you tend to see a lot of delta 8 THC edibles such as chocolate. This is due to the butter included in chocolate, which combines very well with THC as they are both in a substance form.   However, delta users have become increasingly creative and new technology has allowed a way to produce water-soluble delta 8 THC, which basically means that the hemp-derived cannabinoid can easily combine and dissolve in water.  In simpler terms, water soluble delta 8 THC is a compound that dissolves in water and other liquids. This includes water soluble powder such as delta 8 powder.

Why do some Delta 8 powder products include THCO?

THCO is the short form of THCO-Acetate or THC Acetate. This is often referred to as the chemical or synthetic version of THC. Being a chemical one can already deduce that it is not made naturally. How is it made? To generate THCO, extractors take federally legal hemp and extract CBD. Delta 8 THC is then extracted from the CBD and added acetic anhydride to the THC molecules. This final process removes all flavonoids and terpenes in the molecules and leaves only THC isolates, making the THC molecule stronger and a lot more potent than traditional THC.

What are the benefits of water-soluble Delta 8 THC?

Normally delta 8 THC products can only have the desired effects as a result of being processed by your digestive system. However, the nano-sized powder particles in water soluble delta 8 THC are beneficial and fast acting as they almost instantly skip the digestive system and are directly penetrated by your cells and tissues. This process is actually quite unique as it results in a reported 100% bioavailability, meaning almost all of the consumed delta-8 THC get absorbed and none is wasted as a byproduct of your digestive system. This also means that delta 8 THC will act on your system and bring about the desired effects much quicker and more efficiently. Some of the reported potential benefits include:
  • Increased appetite
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Enhances relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Analgesic effect
  • Calm psychoactive experience
It is also worth noting that water-soluble delta 8 THC has the benefit of being added to your favorite beverage. This can include anything from a cold beverage to hot beverage. Just include a few drops of water-soluble delta-8 THC to your drink and unwind and relax. 

Is Delta-8 powder legal?

The legality of Delta 8 started with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made hemp legal. Hemp and marijuana are two different strains of the cannabis plant, marijuana produces delta 9 THC and hemp does not. The Farm bill states that hemp could be grown legally as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Is the THCO in the Delta 8 Powder Legal?

At the moment, the legality of THCO is undefined. However, most people would agree that it shares the same regulations as Delta 8 THC products do which are legal under the Farm Bill since these products are under the legal limit required of industrial hemp of Delta-9 THC.


Water soluble delta 8 powder is an exiting breakthrough for cannabis users looking for an alternative method of consumption. Cannabis can be a viable alternative to soothe symptoms in those with a serious medical condition and undiagnosed health conditions. However as with any hemp derived product always make sure you consult and follow your doctor’s advice and stick to the lab verified quantity as recommended.  
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